Issues and Theropies

Facial skin issues;

 Bags under Eyes;

Bags, puffiness and darkness underneath the eyes can be caused by a number issues, some temporary and others as a result of the aging process.

For temporary ailments resulting from lack of sleep, stress, eye irritation...

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 With age related sagging, darkening, and creasing, there is a need for specially formulated serums and/or organic recipes, along with daily (nightly) use regimens, to reverse the damages to skin textures and elasticity. 

 Special formulations                 


Cracks, Wrinkles, Crow's Feet;

Cracks in facial skin along with the development of deep crevice wrinkles along the nose and around the corners of the mouth, and crow's feet wrinkles at the corners of the eyes generally result for skin drying out from prolonged exposure to the sun or lose of skin elasticity coupled with gravity.   


Blemishes, Skin Discoloration;



Sagging Jowls, Turkey Neck;